Monday, June 19, 2017

Dublin July 27, 2006

We took a bus tour of Dublin, went to St. Patrick's Cathedral where the guide got in an argument with several about Protestants (which she called Lutherans).  Then we went to Dublin castle and had a tour. The bus left us off at Nassau st. where we had lunch and went shopping before heading back to Trinity Capitol Hotel to do some packing.

That evening we headed out to Ryan's Pub where we had a wonderful dinner with Irish coffee, whiskey sampling and listening to Bianca and ??? who had a Pub Crawl CD.

Our flight left the next day 10:45 AM!  Dublin airport was a mess!  It was very disorganized.  After we went through customs, we were trapped in a small waiting room which I recall was very difficult for handicapped to get to down steps. There were no restrooms, food or drink.  Our flight was delayed another  hour (we were fortunate that our connecting flight home was also delayed)  It was a great trip other than getting there and coming home!

Dublin July 26, 2006

After a lecture on Dublin by an American Expat, we went to the James Joyce Center which was certainly interesting. Quotes from his books were on murals and engraved in this cow!

We walked around Dublin, had an early dinner and went to the Abbey Theater to see an all male production of The Importance of Being Earnest.  The theater was not air conditioned.  We all felt sorry for the actors:  lights, double costumes and wigs.

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Cork to Dublin, July 25, 2006

We heard a wonderful speaker on Monastic Ireland after breakfast.  Then we drove 2.5 hours to Rock of Cashel.  For more information, click here. Saw most of it after a long hike up the hill.  Then we drove 2.5 hours to Dublin.

St. Patrick's Cross

Our hotel , Trinity Capital Hotel, is a former fire station.  Well, actually the fire station is still there---the bays were under our rooms.  I was afraid we'd be up all night with sirens, but we slept well (they didn't turn on the sirens until they were out of the compound)  After dinner we walked around the hotel.
In the Lobby of the hotel.

Our fearless leader, Stephen Delaney

Cork, July 24, 2006

After a breakfast buffet at the Imperial Hotel, we attended two lectures.  One was Margaret O'Keefe on gender issues in Ireland and the other was a lecture on the history of Cork.

Then we had soup and sandwiches at the hotel and left for Blarney Castle where we walked around the gardens and bought gifts at the Blarney Woolen Mills.

We went to Innishannon House for dinner---beautiful along the river with swans and rose bushes.  After a delicious dinner of salmon or beef, we met Alice Taylor, an author and poet who told stories and read poems about living in rural Ireland.

Killarney to Cork July 23,2006

Drove to Cobh (Cove or Queenstown) which was a major departure point for America:  the Lusitania and Titanic left from here which is the second largest natural bay in the world. It was called Cove until Queen Victoria visited and then it was called Queenstown.  After independence, they decided to go back to "Cove" but gave it a Gaelic spelling.

After a walking tour with Michael Martin, we drove to our beautiful Imperial Hotel.  Our room was beautiful where we could check the internet with a remote keyboard.  This is a historic hotel with antiques in the hall.  Click here for a link.

Between Two Worlds

Most of my life, I've considered it fortunate that I was just ahead of the Baby-boom. Generally, the Baby-boomers were born between 1946 and 1964 after the fathers returned from World War II. It was a huge population explosion that has reverberated through American society.

This blog will be part history, part memories, part reflections of a retired teacher, but active "Senior". I have always felt like I straddled two generations forming a bridge. Sometimes I think like a baby-boomer, but sometimes I'm locked into my parents' Depression era thinking. I'm a dichotomy of two eras. But, I'm always ready to try something new---so here I am dipping my toes in the water of Blogworld.