Friday, February 3, 2017

Happy Birthday Rachel

 For months, I've seen this card in my "card drawer", didn't open it, but kept thinking---"I'll save this for Rachel's birthday."  Rachel is a big Joan Walsh Anglund fan and was even sketched by her when Rachel was little.  So, with Rachel's 40th birthday approaching, I got out the card and was stunned that it was a used card.  When I read what it said, I knew that my mother has a way of guiding me although she has been gone almost 10 years.
 I love Dad's note---sounds so much like him.  So, I added a note to the card. .. .
 Stuck it in its original envelope and mailed it.

I hope Rachel saves it and sends it to Libby on her 40th birthday. Because I'm not sure that I will have the "reach" from Heaven.  I'm putting this on my blog, just in case that's my way to tell Libby, "Happy 40th birthday!"

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Between Two Worlds

Most of my life, I've considered it fortunate that I was just ahead of the Baby-boom. Generally, the Baby-boomers were born between 1946 and 1964 after the fathers returned from World War II. It was a huge population explosion that has reverberated through American society.

This blog will be part history, part memories, part reflections of a retired teacher, but active "Senior". I have always felt like I straddled two generations forming a bridge. Sometimes I think like a baby-boomer, but sometimes I'm locked into my parents' Depression era thinking. I'm a dichotomy of two eras. But, I'm always ready to try something new---so here I am dipping my toes in the water of Blogworld.